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Training of the sector

AVN strengthens the knowledge of all formal and informal actors of the building sector: apprentices, masons, artisans, businesses, project managers, building technicians, architects, etc. It offers technical and entrepreneurial training modules. AVN also supports these professionals through expertise, research and technical capitalization services.

Technical Training of Building Professionals

AVN’s programme aims to transmit a building knowledge embedded into social habits (co-option-based horizontal transmission) and into a market reality. The basic Nubian Vault technical training therefore takes place “on the ground”, on real building sites.

This training is offered by trainer-masons, selected for the technical, teaching and human qualities. Specific modules, covering different technical aspects of building, are added within some constructions, on additional time devoted to training, taken out of profitability considerations usual to construction. Basic technical training is supplemented by theoretical learning modules, offered in AVN “academies”.

AVN reinforces these technical training activities through:

  • Creating a Training offer catalog, indexing all types of training offered;
  • Developing new teaching and monitoring tools: Livret du Parcours de l’Apprenant, guide de formation et d’évaluation à l’usage du maçon formateur et de l’apprenti;
  • Intensifying promotional offers that enable all target populations to have access to the training and that support collaboration among masons;
  • Developing “Nubian Vault” curricula within Vocational Training Centers (VTC).

Entrepreneurial Training

AVN develops entrepreneurial support systems aiming at boosting artisans’ activity and their economic integration on the building markets, formal as well as informal.

This activity takes place in a complex context: entrepreneurial vision is difficult in West African rural cultures, needs for training are significant (number literacy, planning and organization, management, marketing, accounting and cash flow management, investment and amortization, etc.), and the trainees’ profiles and projects vary. Additionnally, the reality and value of collaborative work must also be carefully considered within the entrepreneurial modes offered by AVN.

AVN’s goal is to provide a relevant and empirical answer to the actual needs of Nubian Vault artisans and masons, as much as possible.

This activity marks a key milestone in building NV market density.
By strengthening the marketing of masons in their market development (including promoting the NV concept towards new and potential clients), AVN will be able to progressively curb its own sensitization actions on the demand side. As a result, the organizations will be able to devote more resources towards training.

Training for building sector technical actors

AVN is currently extending its training offers to other professionals in the building sector: project owners, project managers, architects, building technicians, etc., in order to stimulate NV building projects by contracting bodies and their monitoring.

The Technical Expertise Division produces reference materials on both techniques and methods, and implements information and awareness actions on public and service building constructions.

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