Better Building in Africa


Since 2007, the deployment of the programme in Mali has enabled the completion of more than 2,600 NV projects for the benefit of more than 22,600 people. 419 apprentices, masons, craftsmen and VN entrepreneurs are active in the market and 11 local employees and many partners involved in the dissemination of the programme.

Country information

  • Population in 2021: 21,9 million (55% rural)
  • GDP per capita: $873 (World Bank 2021)
  • Climate: Sudano-Sahelian

Key data

  • 2006-2008: Construction of the first community buildings in partnership with local and international NGOs
  • 2009: 1st AVN local team and opening of Ségou region
  • 2013 et 2014: Regional duplication in Koutiala and Dioïla
  • 2015: Regional duplication in San-Tominian
  • 2016: Regional duplication in Banamba
  • 2017: partnership with a national entity (AEDD / PGRNCC Project)
  • 2017-2018: implementation of the IU-IT strategy

Territorial Rollout

  • 4 active Zonal Offices: Koutiala, Dioïla, San et Banamba
  • 3 Implementation Units (IU)
  • 2 indirect action zone

Buildings constructed

To date, there is more than 2,600 VN projects carried out in Mali for an area of approximately
74,400 m2, for the benefit of more than 22,600 people. The average annual growth is 28% over the past 10 seasons.

The vast majority of the buildings are for housing for rural populations. The NV corresponds to the needs of the beneficiaries in terms of vocational training offer, an adapted constructive solution and cost (significantly reduced by the involvement of beneficiaries and mutual aid within the communities).


In 2021-22:
  • 507 worksites completed (+6%) representing a built area of 13,153 m2 (+1%)
  • 97% of buildings used for housing
  • 15 community buildings including 13 for production/livestock
  • 85 localities with at least 1 NV building (645 since the beginning of the programme)
  • 93% of sites found independently by NV masons (+6%)
  • 37% of buildings involved a partner organization
  • More than 2,900 new user-beneficiaries

    Update August 2022

Training of a workforce

In 2021-22, 419 apprentices, masons, artisans and entrepreneurs including 12 Masons Trainers / Potential Masons Trainers are active in the NV market in Mali.


In 2021-22:
  • 419 active apprentices, masons, artisans and entrepreneurs (-5%)
  • 94 apprentices who began their training this season (-4%)
  • 134 new qualifications (-23%)

Training activities: 48 modules

  • 35 on site Training
  • 13 Academic modules

Update August 2022

Local partners

AVN’s IU-IT strategy involves strong mobilization of partners.

Operational partner (OP)

Implementation Territory - Operational Partner (IT-OP) - projects in progress or awaiting funding:
  • COnvergence des FEmmes Rurales pour la Souveraineté Alimentaire (COFERSA)
  • Coordination des Associations Féminines (CAFO)
  • Union des Sociétés Coopératives des Producteurs de Céréales de Diédougou (USCPCD)
  • Union des Sociétés Coopératives des Producteurs Céréaliers du Cercle de Barouéli (Yèrènyèton)
  • Union Nièta
  • Union Coopérative des Producteurs de Cotons et de Céréales (UCPCC)
  • Société Coopérative Simplifiée des Producteurs et Transformateurs des Produits Agricoles (SCSPTPA)

Relay partner (RP)

  • SOS-Faim
  • Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement et Solidarités (GERES)
  • Welt Hunger Hilfe (WHH)

Technical partner (TP)

  • CFP Tominian

Notable projects and activities

Here is a selection of remarkable projects and activities implemented in Mali in recent seasons:

Current projects

Project "Support for the construction of pilots (hen house and conservation store) in the Nubian Vaults"
Funded by Helvetas
Season 2022/2023

Projects completed

Project "Nubian vaults for the adaptation of Malian families to the effects of climate change"
Funded by NGO Life
Season 2021/2022

Project "Construction of 10 shallot storage warehouses"
Funded by Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders (AVSF)
Sept. 2021 > June 2022

Project "Support for the eco-construction sector in the emerging Nubian Vault in the municipality of Yélékébougou"
Funded by Africabougou (ABG)

Project "Development of the NV market in the municipality of Guégneka"
Funded by ENABEL
Season 2021/2022

Project "Monitoring, control and construction of bioclimatic buildings of 4 Electrified Activity Zones (ZAE) in the regions of Ségou and Sikasso"
Funded by GERES
Season 2021/2022

"Training and support for the development of the NV market on the outskirts of 2 ZAE" project
Funded by GERES

Cross-border project "Emancipation of cross-border communities in the throes of destabilization"
Funded by the PATRIP Foundation through Welt Hunger Hilfe
Sept. 2019 > August 2021

Pilot project for the production of NV houses in urban and rural areas
Financed by the Office Malien de l’Habitat (OMH)

Project of Construction of VN buildings and training of masons in the circles of Kolokani, Banamba and Nara
Funded by Advice and Support for Basic Education (CAEB) and SOS Faim
Sept. 2019> August 2020

A NV course within Vocational Training Centers

Two VTCs, sensitized to the interest of the VN, took a first step in the 2016-17 season by building witness buildings (photo) within the walls of their establishments: 3 apprentices from the VTC of Nioro and 10 apprentices from the Tominian VTC were trained in the NV concept and a partnership intention was proposed to Tominian.
These first expressions of interest should lead to the co-creation of a complete course and the implementation of the first pilot actions from 2018.

The Electrified Activity Zone (ZAE) of Konséguéla

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