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Carrying strong institutional advocacy, AVN collaborates with the institutional actors of its countries of action for the integration of the VN in public policies and in the implementation of public projects.

Burkina Faso

Association of Mayors of Burkina Faso (AMBF) Commitments for the integration of "adapted housing" characteristics in the ToRs and specifications of public construction projects in Burkina Faso

Association of the Regions of Burkina Faso (ARBF)
Commitment to the listing of adapted housing in the Regional Development Plan for the Boucle du Mouhoun and the North Region

Mayor’s office of Ouagadougou

Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (MUH)
Interest in the integration of the NV in the "40 000 housing" program and for a pilot project VN in Gaoua

Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change (MEEVCC)
Agreement in principle for the integration of VN as an adaptation solution in the "2000 Eco-Villages" project, under the PNDES

Ministry for Youth, Integration and Vocational Training (MJFIP)
Two important pre-projects have incorporated this idea while also mentioning Nubian Vaults: the Operational Action Plan under the National Policy on Education and on Technical and Vocational Training (PAO and PN/EFTP), and the Support Programme for Vocational Training and Apprenticeships (PAFPA).


Malian Office of Habitat (OMH) - Construction of 10 NV social housing units in the Ségou region (pilot project)

Mayor’s office of Kemekafo - Local authority
Awareness raising and promotion of NV use in Kemekafo commune

Miniankala-Kafo/Koutiala inter-community body - Local authority
Awareness raising and promotion of NV use in the cercle of Koutiala


Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD) Implementation of a project funded by the Global Environment Facility and overseen by the United Nations Environment Program

County Council of Matam
Construction of the Department Hall in NV


Ministry of Local Governance and Rural Development (MLGRD) Integration of the NV into public policies


Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MCVDD) Integration of the NV into public policies